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Facebook reviews of Yoga Studio Concert, November 2013, Melbourne

"Thank you so much to Simon Kerr for a beautiful evening - what a repertoire of diverse material, from upbeat and funny to sad and slow. And how special it was with all the candles and Simon's beautiful, beautiful songs - and wow, that guitar-playing - LOVED Dreaming and that song "Never gonna die" with the 12 string guitar - breathtakingly brilliant, Simon has become a truly great guitarist, it was wild gypsy music and rock and folk and the spirit of so many influences and genres. Loved also One Last Run, oh! And Kylie Morrigan on the violin - oh, It was wonderful ..."

"What a wonderfully gifted communicator Simon is.  The audience lapped up every single word he sang or spoke and were transported by his marvelous musicianship.  Then, to top it all off, what a treat to have Kylie Morrigan (Classical Violinist) join Simon. These guys really must do that again as it was truly gorgeous"

"Wow, what a great evening of entertainment. Lovely atmosphere amongst the audience and performers..." (Fan, 2013)

"Excellent, catchy and well written songs", (Bruce Watson, Australian Folk Icon, 2013)

"An outstanding performance" (Cynthia Van de Loo, leading New Zealand artist, 2011)

"Angel, a song weaving a tale of being lost in the Himalayas, was a sure highlight, it's delicate insight into human frailty and a 'surprise' Angel was spell-binding" (Review, Christchurch Folk Club, July 2008. For full review click here)

"He has a deep connection that puts soul in his lyrics and lift's them above the run-of-the-mill ... and when he plays the 12 string he sounds like he's got a whole band behind him" (Richard Lawson, Singing Director, Melbourne, 2008)

"... a powerhouse performance by Simon Kerr & the Acoustic Junkies..." (Review of the Whitestone Folk Festival, 2007, The Clarion)

"The Pink Floyd of Folk Music" (Whitestone Folk Festival, 2007)

"The thinking person's rock band" (Koputai Arts Festival, Port Chalmers, 2007)

"[Simon Kerr], one of Dunedin's best is an awesome songwriter, and amazing when he brings out the 12 string so it's definitely worth checking out" (Music Promoter, Alastair Burns, 2006, Dunedin)

"Simon Kerr visited the famed Montmartre Cafe, Vancouver, BC. He was a hit with the audience and we'd have him back any time" (Tim Readman, Big City Productions, Vancouver, Canada, www.timreadman.com)

"[Some] music... shuts off the mind and placates the spirit. Simon Kerr does neither. To fill an entire performance with one's own writing is remarkable for someone whose full-time job is not music. On top of that stands the world-class quality of the songs. Final Warning (about global warming) made me want to hide in Upper Erehwon. All That We Don't See doesn't fit in the classification, "song": It's a work ? in three movements, including an instrumental [section].... When you have the opportunity to see Simon next time, turn off your cellphone, pay attention, and be prepared to be affected deeply" (Mike Long, Gig Review, Christchurch Folk Club, 18th April, 2004)

"Simon Kerr stands out as a unique individual capable of a truly exceptional song, definitely right up there with the Shona Laings and the Dave Dobbyns... Simon has the ability to join the cavalcade of New Zealand songwriters deserving recognition... [He] is a prolific songwriter who also possesses considerable skill as a guitarist. His songs touch the heart yet have power and grace.... Simon is a performer who should find his mark on the festival circuit, here and abroad..." (Andy Thompson, Christchurch)

"Simon became a resident performer at Christchurch's leading live music venue, Micky Finn's Irish Pub.... He is dedicated and professional. His material is polished and well written and he has a natural stage presence and an easy rapport with his audience. I have also been President of the Christchurch Folk Music Club many years and can thoroughly recommend Simon as an artist of integrity and quality" (Denny Stanway, 2004)

"Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always entertaining" (Russell Gillies, President, Christchurch Folk Club, 2004)

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