The Simon Kerr Perspective 

This show has been conceived and developed by Simon Kerr and Christine Parker, with musical support from The Simon Kerr Perspective, a revolving collection of wonderful musical collaborators, including Kylie Morrigan, Scott Lewis, Tiya Beggs, Will Hoffman and (occasionally) Mal Webb and others.

Simon Kerr

Simon is the musical driving force of the Simon Kerr Perspective, and has had a long history of involvement in the challenges of climate change. He taught environmental policy at Lincoln University in New Zealand for a number of years, and has a Masters of Applied Science in Environmental Management and a PhD in Political Ecology. He also has extensive experience the management of research at The University of Melbourne (Faculties of Land and Environment  and Science). 

He is a communicator, able to translate the science and politics of climate change into music. Much of his songwriting over the years has addressed the challenges of living sustainably and well on a crowded planet.

"Musicians need to rise with much more urgency and creativity to the challenges of climate change. We must create the emotional links with the science, with the issues of social justice, and most of all with a vision of a better future"

Christine Parker

Christine is a Professor in the Law School at the University of Melbourne. (previously at Monash University). She is an expert on business responses to legal regulation and social responsibilities, the impact of regulatory enforcement on business, lawyers' ethics and the regulation of lawyers.

She is now working on the politics, ethics and regulation of food.

Christine has a deep interest in the way arts can be used to communicate social issues. She brings a lifetime of commitment to effective communication to this project.

"Most people do not read academic journals. We need to find other ways to develop conversation with people who seek social justice and a better world. In the face of dangerous climate change, we need to engage our artists and musicians to speak into these most troubling of human challenges"

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