The Simon Kerr Perspective 

     Never Gonna Die (2015)

This third studio album features Simon's most requested tune, Never Gonna Die. This 9 minute mostly instrumental tune, features Simon on a de-tuned 12 String Guitar and the extraordinary Josh Bennett on Sitar, Tanpura and Tabla.

The album contains over 50 minutes of music, ranging from Mumford & Sons style stomp, articulately constructed folk pieces, REM-esque rock, spoken word with hiphop beats and a roots-style distorted guitar.

Ultimately, it is a folk album, telling stories, reflecting our inner worlds, but not afraid to
lay open the foolishness of our public policy in the face of dangerous climate change.

It ends with a beautiful violin centered (non-religious) blessing, with the hope that we will all flourish in our individual worlds.

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