The Simon Kerr Perspective 

References and Song Information 

In the show we make certain claims about the data and conclusions of climate science, or quote particular sources. Below you can find references for these claims and explanation, as needed. Any errors are our own, though we seek to be accurate as possible with our sources. 

References and information on the show are available as a downloadable PDF for each Part.


PART 1 – STORM (this is mostly the ‘science’ section)


Before the Storm


Carbon and our Discontents

Song for a Warming Planet 

What's wrong with Warmer?

Greenhouse Gases for the Masses


PART 2 – LOSS (This is mostly the psychology section)


There is a Bear

For Those Who Will Come

Our Beautiful Dream


PART 3 _ CHANGE (This is mostly the technology and politics section)


One Last Cheer For Coal

Leave Them In The Ground
Divestment - A Story

We Need A Miracle

Moving A Big Sky

This Changes Everything


PART 4 – HOPE (This is mostly about the future and living well)



Simple Things